Dance for Joy

April 19, 2006

We were all sprawled across the sofas, Ruth lying on the floor on a heap of cushions, happily eating the bag of crisps we were passing around. A perfect way to waste an afternoon. We’d handed in all our work and there was nothing to do but enjoy being students for a few more weeks. A phone rang somewhere in the pile of cushions and we all joined in the hunt. As I picked up Ruth’s phone I saw who was calling and smiled as I passed it over. Her jaw dropped and she paled. I frantically motioned to the others and we were silent, watching her as she talked. As she wound up her conversation I walked over to the stereo, and as she hung up the phone and yelled “he asked me out!” I hit play and we danced around the room madly, singing Diana Ross at the top of our lungs.


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