Frogs and Fairytales

March 23, 2006

Why must I kiss a frog to find my prince? Surely there’s a more logical animal or amphibian to pucker up to?

To be perfectly honest, I think I’d rather marry the man who makes the royal cakes, than a prince who used to be a frog. What if he always had alarmingly long springy legs, and short stunted arms?

Ugh, definitely the baker for me, green was never my colour, everyone knows that Princesses wear pink, and that Princes wear blue.



Once Upon A Time…

March 23, 2006

…there lived a little girl who loved to daydream. Every day she would smile happily at her parents, nod and shake her head, and answer their questions politely while they smiled adoringly at her freckley face.

‘How adorable and well behaved our little girl is’ they would smile to each other.

The little girl would turn with a twinkle in her eye and return to her world of daydreams where currently her favourite character was being held hostage by a vicious blood thirsty dragon.

She sighed happily and skipped from the room.