Airport Moments II

March 29, 2006

"Shall we get a coffee before you have to go through to departures?" She asked. I nodded even though neither of us like coffee.

Sitting with hot chocolate she made me promise again that I would come home again when my year was up. I could barely imagine the year being over as I sit there waiting for it to begin, but I promised, and then she dropped the bombshell. I knew what it was as the pulled the piece of paper from her bag, I knew that shiny white texture, and I cried even before she turned it around to show me the picture – her first baby picture.

I know why she told me then – she'd only just found out and she wanted to tell me in person – we're closer than most sisters, and we share nearly everything. The biggest thing I've ever kept from her is how it broke my heart to not be there, not to see her grow larger, not to see his little newborn face.

She called me from the recovery room as the nurse checked him over – it was the middle of the night in the US, but when the phone rang I knew it was her. I kept it together until she hung up the phone to call Mum, and then I broke down. I wasn't there for the most important day of her life.

They were waiting for me in arrivals when I came home – and as we sat in the same coffee shop where I'd first seen the ultrasound, I held him for the first time – my little airport boy.


7 Responses to “Airport Moments II”

  1. first50 Says:

    How about my stupid airport fantasy? I imagine my seatmate will be the author of the book I’m reading and we’ll have a fabulous literary conversation all the way to our destination. Authors have to fly don’t they? They sit by someone, why not me? It’s like winning the lottery, the odds are really long, but the dream won’t die.

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