Airport Moments II

March 29, 2006

"Shall we get a coffee before you have to go through to departures?" She asked. I nodded even though neither of us like coffee.

Sitting with hot chocolate she made me promise again that I would come home again when my year was up. I could barely imagine the year being over as I sit there waiting for it to begin, but I promised, and then she dropped the bombshell. I knew what it was as the pulled the piece of paper from her bag, I knew that shiny white texture, and I cried even before she turned it around to show me the picture – her first baby picture.

I know why she told me then – she'd only just found out and she wanted to tell me in person – we're closer than most sisters, and we share nearly everything. The biggest thing I've ever kept from her is how it broke my heart to not be there, not to see her grow larger, not to see his little newborn face.

She called me from the recovery room as the nurse checked him over – it was the middle of the night in the US, but when the phone rang I knew it was her. I kept it together until she hung up the phone to call Mum, and then I broke down. I wasn't there for the most important day of her life.

They were waiting for me in arrivals when I came home – and as we sat in the same coffee shop where I'd first seen the ultrasound, I held him for the first time – my little airport boy.


Airport Moments

March 29, 2006

I used to dream of having one of those great romantic moments – walking through the arrivals gate and seeing him standing there. There would be slow motion running, he'd pick me up and twirl me around so happy to see me again. In reality my airport moments have always been significantly more tearful than the daydreams…Sobbing so hard after leaving him that even the customs lady looked at my with pity, talking to him on the phone from airport after airport, wishing i was somewhere – anywhere – but in an airport.

That final airport day was never going to be a Hollywood moment, the closest it came was the stickers on my luggage from LAX Airport. I was tired, I was jetlagged, I was ready to be at home. It all seems a bit of a blur to be honest – after my years of waiting for that moment I can't remember who i hugged first, or the expression on his face as I came through the gate. The only thing I remember is the feeling of being back on the ground, and wishing i'd brushed my hair before i got off the plane.


March 28, 2006

My sisters and I used to talk about which cartoon character we would marry. Jo and Beth would argue over Aladdin and He-Man, and they would tell me that I couldn’t choose Wil CwacCwac as he didn’t speak English, and he was a duck. I can remember us sitting in our fort (once a garden shed, then lovingly filled with pictures and cushions to sit on) practicing how to write our married names…


March 28, 2006

I was so angry as I looked her legacy. A cookbook? This was her great letter of goodbye?

It took time to understand what she was giving me, she was giving me her support one ingredient at a time. Every time I tried out a recipe I would taste home, taste my childhood, taste the memories of her before the illness withered her away.

when i'm at work, i like to make up stories about the people living in the flats opposite my window. The top floor (mr & mrs blonde) have nearly finished their loft conversion, just in time, as she looks ready to pop. I imagine that they spend hours happily bickering about what colour to paint the new nursery, she'll win of course, and it will be pale yellow.


March 24, 2006

“I’ve bought you a present” he announced with a secretive smile.

“Really? What kind of present?”

“First you have to close your eyes…then I’m going to give you things to taste”

I raised my eyebrows but grinned and closed my eyes.

“Ok, you have three choices, here’s option one…”

It was a bizarre taste, like eating three extra strong mints sprinkled with chalk. I must have made a face because he laughed.

“Ok, option two”

“Hey, I know what this one is!”

“Well, play along anyway, here’s option three.”

Definitely minty, but not chalky, no taste of the dreaded spearmint.

“Definitely option three” I said with a smile.

“Excellent. You can open your eyes now”

I looked down at the three tubes of toothpaste sitting on the table in front of me

“Any particular reason I’ve been tasting toothpaste?” I asked curiously.

“Well, if we’re going to move in together we’re going to have to agree on a toothpaste – it’s the grown up thing to do – you can’t always have two tubes of toothpaste by the sink, and now we have one we both like.”

“Was that you asking me to move in with you in a rather round about way?” I asked, the grin on my face growing rapidly.

He nodded, and I leant over to kiss him.

“You’re all toothpastey” he said, as we sat grinning at each other.

Words & Meanings

March 23, 2006

“When Tim and Jess asked me to speak at their wedding, there were specific warnings given – I was to limit the number of embarassing stories, and under no circumstances was I to produce photographic evidence of any embarassing events. Well, that’s pretty difficult when the groom is your twin brother, and the bride is your best friend. How could I resist mentioning the infamous night of the mohican?

However, I did promise, which got me thinking – what on earth is there to say? No one was more thrilled when these two got together, but I was just as shocked as everyone else. Tim who plans everything down to the letter, and on one occasion actually made me synchronise my watch with his, was dating, and now marrying, lovely Jess who once accidentally came to lectures in her pjyamas, and lives in a dream world even more than I do. They couldn’t be more different, but when it comes down to it, I think that’s what makes them so perfect for each other.

Tim’s favourite book growing up was the dictionary – we all know that he loves facts, and words with specific meanings, and in Jess he’s found the perfect way to complement that, for if anyone could be described as a thesaurus, it’s Jess. Tim had the words, and the meanings, and Jess the instinct to turn things around, look at things from another angle, or simply offer up a different word.”

Frogs and Fairytales

March 23, 2006

Why must I kiss a frog to find my prince? Surely there’s a more logical animal or amphibian to pucker up to?

To be perfectly honest, I think I’d rather marry the man who makes the royal cakes, than a prince who used to be a frog. What if he always had alarmingly long springy legs, and short stunted arms?

Ugh, definitely the baker for me, green was never my colour, everyone knows that Princesses wear pink, and that Princes wear blue.


Once Upon A Time…

March 23, 2006

…there lived a little girl who loved to daydream. Every day she would smile happily at her parents, nod and shake her head, and answer their questions politely while they smiled adoringly at her freckley face.

‘How adorable and well behaved our little girl is’ they would smile to each other.

The little girl would turn with a twinkle in her eye and return to her world of daydreams where currently her favourite character was being held hostage by a vicious blood thirsty dragon.

She sighed happily and skipped from the room.